Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween -- Triplet Style

So last year we were the three little pigs ... it was easy and simple. The boys loved their costumes and we even made it on the evening news!

Fast forward to this year, we we were the three little bears. Errr ... not so much really because the boys REFUSED to wear the cute little footies that were bear claws and adorable little hats that went with the costume. Don't you love the terrible twos? So, here is what they were supposed to look like:
Here's what we looked like:

Well, at least Noel let us put on his bear head without screaming bloody murder:

This is where I would be posting a great family shot of our 2008 Halloween. Oh wait -- I don't have one! Grrrrr...

1 comment:

Jessica said...

How cute. Its hard to get them to keep their costumes on.
Don't worry once they are 3 years old they won't want it off.