Sunday, October 12, 2008

Outside Baths

We have started a kind of summer time tradition at our house on bath nights.

It is such a pain to bath the boys in tub upstairs ... EVERYTHING (including whoever is bathing them) gets drenched, you have to clean the tub up afterwards, etc, etc, etc. Wow -- I sound really lazy, don't I? But I invite any of you over some night to bath three 22-month old boys and them tell me what you think.

So, we started doing baths outside. What, you ask? Yup -- outside baths. We have a Step 2 turtle shaped sandbox on our back deck that we fill with hot water from our laundry room sink, we strip the boys down, and do outside baths. The boys love it, and it is so much easier for us!

It started out as a kiddie hot tub that the boys would get into to warm up after getting out of the pool in the summer. One night, Dan and I were like, what if we just soaped them up out here? "Genius!" " Thank You!"
For those of you wondering (and I know you are out there), our back yard is very secluded in the summer time. The only way the boys could be seen prancing around our back porch in all their nakedness is if the kids who live next door played on their completely unused, probably unsafe play set in the way-back corner of their yard. (Those of you who are good at foreshadowing have probably figured out where I'm going with this ...)

We are having an Indian Summer and temperatures were in the high 80s on Saturday. So, Dan and I were like, outside baths -- score! We got the turtle all ready, stripped down the boys, and had a great time on the porch ... until the neighbor kids and about 3 of their friends came out and went down to the old play set. Dan and I might have not even seen that they were there if we hadn't heard them scream out, "Look! The triplets are NAKED!" Actually, I think the whole neighborhood heard them, too. Certainly the boys did because they went running over to the porch fence and shoved "themselves" (read between the lines here people) through the slats to happily wave and show everyone that they were indeed naked.

Dan and I are looking forward to getting our Parents of the Year Award by our Homeowners Association.

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Jessica said...

Now if you guys start bathing outside...we will all start to worry (not to meantion the talk of hte neighbors) but I am totally going to steal your idea of outside bathing next summer!