Thursday, October 9, 2008

What will I be when I grow up?

Dan and I have big dreams for the boys. We hope that they find a career that they are passionate about and love.

Of course, we often play the game of assigning a profession to them for the future based on their personalities of today. (For example, this month, we are sure that Hayden will be an NFL linebacker, Tanner will be an electrical engineer, and Noel will be a triple threat -- actor/singer/dancer.) We try and supply the boys with books about different "Mommy and Daddy jobs", and give them dress-up costumes and hats so they can play pretend fireman, construction worker, etc.

We want to encourage creative exploration ... but we aren't so sure about the career aspirations of Noel with this dress-up costume.
Our son, the miggity-miggity mac daddy

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Jessica said...

LOL! This cracks me up! Definitely a Mack out girls!