Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just for Triplet Moms!

Most people probably don't even give a second thought to this dilemma that faces me daily -- how do you go shopping by yourself with three 22-month old boys?

At most grocery stores, they have the "car carts" ... you know, the shopping cart with the little two-seater car in the front and a place for another child in the basket:
But, other stores are woefully behind in getting this kind of shopping cart. So, unless you are up for trying to pull a three-car choo choo wagon and push a cart ... or push a triple stroller and pull at cart, you are S.O.L. (I was raised that properly young ladies use acronyms instead of real cuss words.)
That was the case ... until my beloved Target store (pronounced tar-j) created this thing of beauty for all of us triplet moms out there. Can I just tell you that they have just increased their revenue about ten-fold because the Shelly household will be doing all their shopping there from now on! Trust me, Tanner is more excited than he looks in this picture!


Welcome to our life. said...

I just saw one of these at our Target. I was thrilled!! Sasha no longer has to sit in the basket with the items!
Cute picture, BTW. :)

Laney said...

YES! Our new Target has these carts and I am in love. Go Target!!