Thursday, June 24, 2010

Butterflies and Mommy's Work

We had our annual visit to the Butterfly Show today. Hayden and Tanner loved the butterflies while Tanner was terrified of them. We think he must have gotten stung by a bee or some other insect because he runs from anything that flies or goes bzzz.

After we got to go visit Mommy's work place -- we made lots of new friends and got to play with all kinds of fun office stuff. We liked Mommy's candy dish the best!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wearing Ourselves Out for Quiet Time

We spend many an hour doing physical activity in the mornings to tucker them out for the afternoon.

Since the boys have transitioning away from naps, we have had "quiet time" instead. Tanner and Noel usually crash, but Hayden usually doesn't sleep (though he does like to tuck his stuffed zebra in for a nap).

On a side note, Hayden has been doing an excellent job of using the potty while we are out and about. :-)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Back to the Dentist

We've been going to the dentist since our first birthday, so we are old pros at this poking, prodding, and polishing thing! This visit, we got to take x-rays!

Still no cavities! YEA! Noel's cross-bite is still pretty bad, and it looks like Tanner will have to have some ortho work done, too, Hayden is still looking like he might make it through with only some braces.

After, we got to have breakfast at McDonalds and go through the car wash!

Friday, June 11, 2010

It's fun to swim at the Y-M-C-A!

Our Nanny has a membership to the local YMCA, and she was generous enough to put the boys on her pass, too.

(Note: We do not have a family membership to the YMCA for two main reasons. #1 -- Budget, budget, budget ... well, I guess that is three reasons right there. #2 -- Finding the time to actually use the membership to workout? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

But the boys loved their visit to the YMCA "walking pool" -- I love it because it is a two foot deep pool that is fenced off separate from the big pool with its own lifeguard!

Tanner kept walking laps in the pool!

Hayden, proving again he'll be the last to have a girlfriend, used a water gun to soak the girls playing with them at the pool.

Tanner made sure to take time out in the shade for a snack and juice!

Noel is not my water bug this year ... but he sure does look content simply lounging by the pool!

I'm not sure what the boys enjoyed more: the pool or the shower afterwards?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Warning: Picture Overload

First Up ... Let's time travel back to Easter.

We visited the Easter bunny in the park:

We hunted for Easter eggs at our house:

We hunted for Easter baskets and presents in our basement:

Then we did the March of Dimes Walk where we were a Top Walker again:

We saw Elmo Live (Mommy won free tickets!):

We got to ride on a bulldozer when our retaining wall got fixed:

Neena and G-Dad got us a PowerWheels four-wheeler and jeep:

We went to one of our favorite places multiple times to see our diver friends at the aquarium:

We played pretend at Otterville and learned new tricks at the park on a hot spring day:

We went to Coney Island with our new summer passes and rode the airplanes, helicopters, and other rides:

We got to see a fire truck up close:

We went to JumpZone and bounced and went on the slides over and over and over again:

According to Noel, we got "too much water" after one spring storm:

And Tanner learned the simple joy of splashing in a puddle:

We had a big picnic on our porch on Memorial Day:

We've been encouraging each other on the potty:

And making train tracks, going to story time, and growing grass caterpillars:

All this work made us want a snack:

Or Pancakes in the Park (go, Daddy!!):

But all these adventures really made us sleepy:

Can you believe we are three and a half already? (Mommy says she can't):