Thursday, October 2, 2008

Things NOT to say to a mother of multiples

Unfortunately, there are some people who just don't know what to do when they run into triplets, so they ramble off stupid questions. Here is a short list of questions we have encoutered over the past two years:

"Oh come on, do you really need three?" ... I hope you don't have one!

"Do they all have the same father?" ... Yes, but they each have a different mother.

"Do you watch Jon and Kate Plus 8?" ... When I find the time

"Were you fertilized?" ... Yup, used Scott's Tuff Turf!

"Did you have help?" ... Yes, my husband.

"Look, Ma! Them are Triples!" ... Ahh, to live on the border of Appalachian!

"Do they run in your family?" ... Yes, they run all over the place!

"Are the natural?" ... Nope, made of plastic!

"You look pretty good for having triplets!" ... Ummm, thanks?

"That's what you get for messing with God." ... ????

"I'd shoot myself if I were you!" ... Yeah, I'd shoot myself if I were you, too.

"Are you done having kids now?" ... Nope, next time we're trying for quads!

"How did you get triplets?" ... They were having a big clearance sale at Target, so I stocked up.

"Did you do drugs?" ... No, but I do now.

"Do they know their triplets?" ... No, we're keeping it a secret, don't tell them!

And of course, "You've got your hands full!" ... Better full than empty!

One of my triplet moms made a great video about how you are practically stalked everywhere you go ... it would be funny if it weren't so accurate!


Gabrielle said...

Well, you are definitely FUNNY, girl. I love this post. "When I have time", it will be great to follow along :)

Deborah (Gabrielle's Mom)

Toni C. said...

It's amazing that people think the HAVE to say SOMETHING. A smile and a nod is very acceptable people.... lol!