Thursday, October 30, 2008

The House of Ewwww! Returns

The boys are sick ... again. Thankfully we are not dealing with vomiting and diarrhea. Just your typical snot-filled, phlegm hacking colds.

We have been experiencing all kinds of new and different diseases since we started our whirlwind adventure every weekend at "Immunity World" d.b.a Sunday School Church Nursery.

This one has been exciting, filled with 105 degree fevers, a trip to the pediatricians office, and pink carpet-staining antibiotics! OH! I almost forgot the best part -- they threw in an ear infection for Hayden and the beginnings of pneumonia for Tanner at no extra charge! So giving, so generous are those parents who insist on bringing their sick kids to church every week. That "well-child nursery" sign posted on the door -- obviously, that's optional.

Thanks to some hefty doses of Tylenol and wine (Tylenol for the kiddos, wine for the parentos), everyone seems on the mends today. But this week has been challenging ... and I've learned I am sucker for sick kids.

We started some bad habits this week, and I have a feeling I'm going to be paying the price for a while. Want only cookies for lunch -- okay. Just slices of pear for dinner -- no problem. Need to be rocked to sleep -- I'm your mommy!

And here is my grand-daddy of all faux pas ... I let Hayden have a pacifier (insert Halloween scream here). I know, I know ... but he seemed so much more comfortable with it ... and really really cute, too.
Hopefully, I can undo the damage without leaving too much of a traumatic footprint in their lives.

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