Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flu Shot Time!

We have been lucky to get a special series of shots October - April the last two years that helped prevent the nastiest of bugs for preemies, RSV, but we will not qualifiy for the shots this year (we had to fight insurance last year, so there is no WAY we will get it this year).

We also kept the boys on lockdown through the same months to help prevent RSV, colds, flu, and anythign else that may compromise their preemie lungs.

This winter, with no Synagis shots and going to Sunday School, we are looking forward to many snot-filled days and nights ahead of us with the boys this winter. We can't wait to see all the fun diseases they bring home from church!

Thank goodness they all can blow their noses, and we won't have to be suctioning them with that horrible bulb thingy that never does any good anyway! The boys also LOVE to wash their hands at the sink. I bought that J&J kids soap that is blue so you can see where you wash. They love that blue soap!
We do have one other line of prevention -- our flu shots. We at the Shelly household are pretty serious about flu shots. Dan got his a couple weeks back, I get mine today, and the boys get their shot on Saturday. We also have it in our Nanny's contract that she must have a flu shot before November 1st, and my parents get a flu shot every year as well.

This will be the second year for flu shots for the boys ... last year we had to have two shots -- augh! I love our pedi office because they allow you to special request thermisol-free flu vaccines. Honestly, being from a scientific background, I don't know if I buy into the whole thermisol/vaccine controversy, but I figure it can't hurt to do the thermisol-free vaccines when I can.

So, think of me today at 10am when I'm getting my shot, and think of the boys on Saturday at 9:15am when they are getting their shots. I have to go back to work after my shot -- the boys will be getting ice cream and lots of TLC!

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