Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Wonderful DH!

In the world of online boards, we refer to our husband as "DH" ... it stands for "Dear Husband". I will confess that many of my online friends make the "D" and "H" stand for other words, but this is a "G"-rated blog, so I'll let your imaginations figure out that one!

This weekend, my "DH" truly was a dear husband. We had our big Triplets & Quads Club sale on Saturday. After 4 hours of setting up for the sale on Friday night, I had to be up at 5am on Saturday and worked all day at the sale. We sold a bunch of old toys and clothes and made some good money, but I came home at 3pm practically half-asleep ... seriously, I probably should not have been driving. Anyhow, after being home with the boys all day by himself and equally exhausted I'm sure, he sent me straight upstairs for a hot shower and a nap. I could have cried I was so grateful. I slept for an hour, and afterwards, l literally felt like a brand new person.

How frackin' lucky am I to have such an awesome DH? (ETA: The frackin' is a tribute to Dan who is a major fan of Battlestar Galactica -- a show that in my humble opinion has totally jumped the shark, but I digress.)

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