Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Only Five More Days ...

I'll admit it. I was practically giddy as I completed my civic duty and voted early for my candidate of choice -- I think I even giggled out loud. Yes, I'm proud to be one of the thousand people in Ohio who voted early so that my vote can be disputed for months after the election.

However, I don't know if I was giddy happy or giddy slap-happy. Why, you ask? Because living in a swing state is HELL!

Every day I wonder how many trees were killed to send me a bazillion pieces of mail that tell me this person is pure evil ... and that person isn't really an American ... and this person is against disabled veterans ... and that person hates young children .... this person sends so many jobs to China that they poop Hello Kitty ... and that person kicks puppies for fun ... yada yada yada!

And if that isn't enough, the phone calls, oh Good Lord, the phone calls. I never knew I was this important, and maybe I shouldn't tell you because you might get jealous, but I have had everyone calling me this month. Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Sarah Palin, Ted Strickland ... even John McCain himself called me! Told ya you'd be jealous.

I would have loved to talk to these people when they called me and asked them a few questions I have, but unfortunately for them, they have the misfortune of calling right as the boys are going to bed. So I have to choose -- talk to the important person (I use that term loosely), or go try and stop the chants of "Phone! Hello? Phone! Hello? Phone! Hello?" coming from the three cribs that had been silent and peacefully moments before. Alas, I chose to go soothe the masses instead of taking the call. But, I have their words of wisdom saved on my answering machine for historical preservation.

And what is up with the door-to-door volunteers? Trust me, if I was going to vote for your candidate, I'm not now because you just rang my doorbell during nap time, woke up my boys, and therefore voided any chance I had today of a shower. I need to put up a sign ... I'm thinking about stealing this one from one of my fellow triplet moms:

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