Thursday, October 2, 2008

What Me? Blog -- Never!

Yeah, well, never say never. I have always said I won't do a blog because I really don't have much interesting to say ... at least not in the fun, witty way that all of my fellow bloggers seem to be able to do. Plus, I am so clueless about how to "do" a blog, like posting pictures, etc.

Still, I really wanted a way to document our lives for my boys. I have been very lax about getting baby books filled in and pictures in photo albums, so this blog will be like my poor substitute for being a scrapbook mom!

I'm going to skip all the "how we got here" stuff (most of you are already in the loop anyway), and just jump right in!



Jessica said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you. I have nothing interesting to say in mine but its so cool to refer back to things that kids have done.

Its very additting though.
You gotta show me how you put the sections for each kid. I still haven't figured that out.

Moxie Mommy said...

Yay *you*! Welcome to the blogosphere! Must add you to my blog roll ASAP. :) Love to all of you.

nana said...

Hey, Jess! In my humble opinion, you are awesome. But, of course, I'm just a bit prejudiced. We'll enjoy each entry and especially enjoy "reliving" all of the good times with you, Dan , and the boys.

Much love, Nana Jo