Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wheel - of - Fortune!

I remember back when I was pregnant with the boys, I used to say things like, "My children won't watch TV until they are 3 years old, and then it will only be an hour of PBS each day.", and "I'm going to make all my own baby food from scratch and use only organic."

I used to wonder why every triplet mom would burst out in hysterical laughter when I said these things. I don't wonder any longer ...

Having three infants, now toddlers, the same age presents many challenges that parents with one child or children of different ages just can't relate to. It's not that I'm trying to say that I get to play the Triplet Card when it comes to making excuses, but I've learned that you shouldn't try and referee when you don't play the sport. I had no idea what it would be like to raise three boys at the same time ... heck, I still have no idea what I'm doing half the time ... and many of my "ideals" went out the window when the boys arrived.

That being said, I really think I still do a pretty darn good job as a mom. They rarely hide from me anymore when I come home from work ...
The boys have a great variety of foods each day -- they eat hummas for goodness sakes, they always get a fresh fruit and a vegetable with every meal, but is it organic and homemade? Ahhhh, no. I do the best I can, but I figure no toddler has been corrupted by having Gerber sweet pototo casserole instead of homemade ... yet.

Maybe TV is where I have really slacked off. It started with Baby Einstein videos when we were trying to redirect three screaming infants who all wanted to be feed at the same time, and it has evolved to having our daily dose of Wheel of Fortune every night. The boys watch practically no TV during the day, but every night at 7pm Wheel of Fortune comes on ... the boys get into their pjs and we have our milk sippies while snuggled on the couch as a family. We all clap along with audience when a puzzle is solved, and it is beyond cute when the boys point to letters on the puzzles as they appear and happily shout out "O", "T", and "S". When Wheel ends and Jeopardy comes on, the boys know it is time to go upstairs to bed. Just my daily reminder that I need to be flexible ... when the tree doesn't bend with the wind it breaks.

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