Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Okay -- Now Prove It

I hesitated in posting anything about the election here because Dan and I are in the minority with our friends and family (except my parents) when it comes to which candidate we voted for yesterday, but I couldn't sleep last night after the election results were revealed.

Let me back up -- I voted for Obama. I was undecided for a LONG time. Why? Because I LOVED John McCain -- heck, I even voted for him in the 2000 primary.

I did a TON of research before I voted. C'mon -- you know me. I'm Type A, OCD ... I don't do anything without tons of planning and forethought.

I loved the old John McCain who stood up for his convictions and beliefs and did fight for what was right, not what was popular. The new John McCain is a completely different man than the John McCain I voted for eight years ago.

In my humble opinion, he sold his soul to the ubber-conservative right wing to win the primary. And unfortunately, I find myself not having the same principles as he now holds.

Still, even after all this research, I was STILL voting McCain. I had faith that maybe the real McCain would come back once in power.

And then ... he choose Palin as a running mate. Done deal -- she turned the Straight Talk Express into a clown car.

Seriously ... you are for abstinence education but you can't even teach it in your own house? You are good with foreign policy because Russia is close to Alaska -- and you don't even know what the Bush Doctrine is? You are an expert on energy when only 3.5% of the nation's total energy comes from your state? You didn't build the bridge to nowhere, but you certainly kept the money and then asked for more to build a road to nowhere. You are found responsible for abuse of power in office by a republican-lead investigation committee, but you still say you have good executive experience? You don't even know what the vice president does -- in charge of the senate? ... open a history book.

So, I did not -- could not -- vote for McCain.

I did not vote the way I did because it was the popular thing to do, or because I wanted to make history, or because I really think change is possible no matter what person takes office in January.

Which brings me back to my original dilemma and the fitful night of sleep -- we are so far down the rabbit hole that I don't even see light at the end of the tunnel anymore. However, now we have the same party in power in the executive branch and the legislative branch. This makes me a little nervous on two fronts.

First, I'm a big believer in checks and balances and when a party has control of the White House and Congress, it makes me cringe. I do take some relief that neither the Senate or the House has a supermajority giving veto-proof margins.

Second, with control of the White House and Congress, the Democratic Party better put up or shut up. No excuses -- I expect results, and if I don't see them, they will not get my vote next time around. Will everything be solved overnight or even in four years? Nah ... but I better see some serious forward progress.

On final note ... For months and months Republicans have been saying that we all have to respect and support the President, even if we don't like him or agree with him. Well, that statement is a two-way street -- using that same logic, I expect every Republican to respect and support Obama even though they don't like him or agree with him.

I was humbled by John McCain's concession speech last night where he asked everyone to work with Obama. And I was happy to hear that Obama personally called McCain to ask him to help lead the country through change during the next four years. Maybe we really are moving past "politics as usual".

We all want the best for American and for our children. I hope we can all come together to make that dream a reality.

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