Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Kingdom of IKEA

On Saturday, we decided to head on up to IKEA. We are in desperate need for new toy storage option for the basement, and Pottery Barn is not quite in the budget during this fun roller coaster ride we call the stock market these days. So, we packed up the kiddos and were off.

This was our first venture to IKEA -- if you haven't been, wear sneakers because this place is HUGE! It was very fun to go around and look at all the neat furniture and stuff they have there. Still, if I had to pick furniture to last awhile, I still think I would do Ethan Allen or Pottery Barn. (Maybe it is because my Saab kept having maintenance issues even after I just had it into the shop, but I just don't trust Swedish engineering.) Still, for basic storage options, it looks like IKEA is the way to go!

We were there about 2 hours, and by the end, the boys were getting antsy. So, we went down to the large furniture pick-up area and let Hayden pull the choo-choo around for awhile.

I swear, if this boy does not get a full scholarship to play linebacker in college football, I'll be shocked. Seriously, he is pulling about a good 60-70 pounds of weight here!

All three boys feel asleep on the way home. Now, why they can fall asleep during a 20 minutes car ride from 11:00am-11:30am, but they can't fall asleep on an 8 hour car ride from 7:00pm -3:00am is one of the world's biggest mysteries.

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Laney said...

Yeah, our kids fall asleep in the car way easier at nap time than they do at bed time. What the heck?

Love how you have 4 wagons. I often wish we had an extra orange one for all our stuff. Cute how he's pulling his brothers!

So are you going to tell us what you found for toy storage?