Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I realize at some point, the boys will have to learn the word "No" and then stop their current action be it climbing into the bathtub fully clothed, hugging kitty, or pulling out every pot and pan from my cabinets.

Our house is so baby-proofed it could be a mock up for a Parents magazine -- from door locks to toilet locks to cabinet locks to baby gates. We have eleven baby gates in our house -- eleven! That is INSANE.

We even created a "baby jail" to contain them in the family room. But alas, my young men have become future mountain climbers (or escape artists) and have figured out how to climb over the gates that keep them safe and keep me sane. This is no small feat.
Unfortunately, their ability to climb over the gates comes at the same time as they have learned to unlock the "child-proof" cabinets and door locks we spend a gazillion dollars on. So, after we caught Tanner running around with a pizza cutter, Dan and I are now doing our part to help the economy and investing in magnetic tot locks.

So, Jess, if you are reading this, the gates are yours if you still want them! If your boys are like ours, they should last you until the kiddos are two!

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