Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gram & Grandpa & Uncle Chris Visit!

Okay ... I finally had time to download some pictures from our fun visit with Dan's side of the family last weekend. Hayden, Tanner, & Noel had a great time visiting and playing with everyone.

Unfortunately, we were still snotified, so the visit included an adventure to the Pediatrician's office and a round of antibiotics for all. We also stayed house-bound since the boys weren't feeling well. That was fine with the kiddos as they loved the extra attention and one-on-one time they got with their grandparents and uncle. The men all went to the Bengals-Eagles game on Sunday, so the boys got some additional quality bonding time with Gram!

We also tried to do pictures during that weekend ... like, real pictures. The kind you would frame or use for Christmas cards. Yeah ... it didn't go really well. They boys just did not feel good and were not willing to smile or even sit still. It was a rough patch in an otherwise very smooth weekend.

So, here are the best of the best pictures (no, unfortunately I'm not kidding):

Hayden (check out this GQ pose)

Tanner (he wants YOU ... to wipe his nose)

Noel (can you photo shop out boogers?)

Gram and Grandpa with the boys (check out how great and composed they look even with the boys screaming bloody murder and getting snot all over them)

Uncle Chris and the boys (unfortunately, I think the boys had it by this point)

I know I was cooked (lovely shot, isn't it? Thanks, Dan! YP!!!)

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Welcome to our life. said...

LOL. Laney has a pic very similar to the one w/the grandparents. I know it shouldn't make me laugh, but it does. Kinda like the crying on Santa's lap pictures.
Hope they're feeling better soon!