Sunday, November 9, 2008

"101 Things About Me"

Here I go, participating in every blogger's right of passage, the "100 Things About Me" post. I honestly can't think of anything more self-serving than taking the time to make one of these lists, yet I read them on every blog I visit!

It's supposed to be a free flow of thoughts. You start with one fact about yourself and then cascade from there. It was a pretty interesting experiment. And to personalize it, I made it "101 Things About Me".

1. I was born in New York
2. On an air force base
3. My Dad was a pilot
4. He flew in Vietnam and Desert Shield
5. It terrifies me to think about my boys having to go to war
6. I have three sons
7. They are fraternal triplets
8. I know, isn’t that cool?
9. All of their middle names have special meaning
10. Tanner’s is Allen which is Dan’s middle name
11. Noel’s is Austin which is my grandfather’s name AND Dan’s grandmother’s maiden name
12. Hayden’s is Miller which is my maiden name
13. I really miss my maiden name sometimes
14. Everyone calls me by my last name (since it is also a typical girl’s first name)
15. It really bugs me when they do that
16. And speaking of bugs, ladybugs are invading my house
17. I coached a dance team who’s mascot was the ladybug
18. The team won Nationals the year I coached them
19. I still have the gold medal
20. I don’t coach anymore, but I judge dance teams
21. I’m in my 14th year of judging
22. That makes me feel old
23. I danced in high school and on both of my college dance teams
24. I still find myself making up routines and dancing
25. I love to dance with my boys
26. Except when we are watching weird shows like Yo Gabba Gabba
27. Have you seen that show?
28. It’s like people made a show for kids after dropping some serious acid
29. “There’s a party in my tummy – so yummy, so yummy yummy!”
30. I love food – cooking it, eating it … eating it
31. I used to make such great meals, now I live and die by my crock pot
32. I also really watch our food budget, too, so that pars down our meal creations
33. I’m really good at coupons and savings
34. I mean really good
35. I consider it a failure if I have not saved at least 35% on each shopping bill
36. So, I’m feeding a family of five for about $500/month
37. Yup, that includes diapers, beauty, and even Noel’s high calorie drinks
38. It’s like my hobby to save
39. I have clothed the boys mostly in second hand or season-clearance items
40. Is it a problem when they greet you by name at Goodwill?
41. I think it is a bigger problem when all I have had to eat today is a Diet Pepsi and leftover Halloween candy.
42. I’m pretty busy at work
43. Though I do love my job
44. Would I work if I didn’t have to?
45. No – I feel kinda like that guy in Office Space
46. That’s a great movie … “Hi, Peter. What's happening. We need to talk about your TPS reports.”
47. Actually, I’ve had some pretty fun jobs
48. I was a lifeguard in high school
49. I interned at the Cincinnati Zoo in college
50. I was a flight attendant
51. I was a restaurant health inspector
52. Then I took some no-brains and went back to school for my MBA
53. And now I’m here at the school district
54. It’s a huge jump from my undergraduate degree in Zoology
55. I had a good time in college
56. Too good of a time
57. My freshman year I won Sigma Chi Derby Days
58. I won a keg tossing award Homecoming Weekend my senior year
59. I think the only night I didn’t go out to the bars was Tuesdays
60. My parents bought me my first legal shot on my 21st birthday
61. I blame my sorority sisters
62. After college, I never had a roommate again
63. I really liked being independent and on my own
64. Maybe it’s because I was an only child
65. Maybe it is because I am OCD and don’t like things to be out of place
66. And roommates move things out of place
67. Unfortunately, two year olds move things out of place
68. Still, I think I’m much more flexible than I was before the boys
69. I don’t think Dan would think I more flexible than I was before the boys
70. I mean in terms of organization – get your minds out of the gutters!
71. I’m so lucky to have a husband that loves me for me
72. He’s my lobster
73. I still like to get back into better shape
74. I’d love to run the Flying Pig Marathon this spring
75. I have no idea when I could train for it
76. Still, it’s an item on my Bucket List
77. I have a bucket full of leftover Halloween candy on my desk
78. I so do love Butterfingers
79. I’m so glad the boys don’t have any allergies to food
80. I’m allergic to bees, and I really hope the boys don’t get that gene of mine
81. I hope the boys get Dan’s genes for straight teeth
82. My mouth was jacked up as kid
83. I do, however, hope they get my genes for great eye sight
84. Dan is blind as a bat
85. He does wear contacts
86. I don’t think I could wear contacts and touch my eye ball everyday
87. It kinda freaks me out
88. So do spiders
89. I think that is weird considering that I would wrap HUGE boa constrictors around me when I interned at the zoo
90. I am definitely an animal lover
91. I got to release a red-tailed hawk a couple years back
92. He had been shot in the wing and went through rehab
93. I don’t understand why people hunt for “sport”
94. My undergraduate school mascot is now the Red Hawks
95. They changed it after I graduated under political pressure
96. I thought that was really dumb since we still have professional sports teams with names that are not p.c.
97. It worries me that this country is so divided politically
98. So many people can’t see middle ground, only black or white
99. My favorite color is grey
100. Well, grey and pink
101. I’m such a girlie-girl

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Moxie Mama said...

Lovely. Just perfect. And I'm not just saying that because I'm related to you. (Which is awesome too.)