Friday, July 24, 2009

Zoo Class -- Ani-Moves!

Our zoo class today was all about how animals move! We learned a really fun song to the same tune as "Wheels on the Bus"! The boys loved it!

" The elephant moves his trunk up and down, up and down, up and down ... the elephant moves his trunk up and down, all through the zoo."

Noel, of course, made a new girlfriend during our class. The boy is a playa!

Tanner was mesmerized by the "tropical bird". I think that was all he said for a 1/2 hour after seeing this cockatoo.

All three loved watching the monkeys play on the island.

Hayden was trying to scale the fence to go and "Me pet!" the giraffe.

We ended our visit with a train ride around the zoo.

All three boys had big smiles and said "Cheese!"

A climb through the spider web in the Children's Zoo completed our day!

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