Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to the Lake

Tanner really enjoyed himself at the Lake. He found driftwood, ran through the water after the birds, pointed out all the fishing boats and speed boats, and played in the waves.

Hayden loves the water. And with his new Puddle Jumper coast guard approved life vest, we can swim and float all by himself. Many, MANY thanks to a fellow triplet mom, Laney, for this recommendation. Worth.every.penny!!! (And on sale now, too!)

Noel didn't venture in the water much. He was content to pick up sticks and rocks, and then drop them in the water to watch them make a big splash!

1 comment:

Laney said...

Aren't the puddle jumpers the BEST!? Sam can totally jump into a pool and swim where he wants to go all by himself now.
Where'd you find them on sale?