Saturday, July 25, 2009

Red Lobster

We took Nana out for a birthday celebration lunch to Red Lobster.

A couple days before we went, we played that old B-52s song, Rock Lobster and taught the boys to say "Red Lobster!" at the appropriate place in the song.

It sounded like such a good idea at the time.

Thankful, the boys' shouts of "RED LOBSTER!" at the top of their lungs didn't happen much inside the restaurant.

We had a really good lunch!

Noel especially enjoyed eating the tomatoes off our salads. (I love how he has his pinkie up -- the boy is ready for High Tea!)

Hayden practically ate my entire salad. I was pretty impressed -- I don't know many two year olds who would rather have salad than french fries!

Tanner enjoyed all the croutons dipped in ranch dressing.

So, I essentially had my entire salad dissected and consumed by the boys.

At the end, our server brought us a BIG bowl of ice cream and we sang "Happy Birthday to Nana".

Hayden chowed down on the ice cream. I would have tried to get a spoonful or two for myself, but I was afraid I'd get my arm chewed off by the ice cream hog.

Tanner enjoyed licking the spoonful of chocolate sauce -- the kid's a sucker for anything chocolate!

Noel was also a big ice cream fan, but preferred to be spoon fed. Can't tell he's the youngest, can you?

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