Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My "Fair" Triplets!

We ventured out to the heart of Appalachia yesterday and went to the Clermont County Fair!

It was Kids Day which meant the boys not only got free admission, but free rides. Plus, all military and military dependants got in free, too. So for $10, the boys, Nana, and I got to have a great afternoon!

We visited all the animals first ... mooed at the cows,oinked at the pigs, quacked at the ducks. And then -- the real fun began -- the RIDES!

First up, the Rainbow Funhouse which was a huge maze of slides, tunnels, climbing walls, and bridges. All three of the boys had a blast and went through the thing multiple times! (Noel needs to work on his dismount ... he had a litle trouble on the last slide out of the house.)

Unfortunately, after the big Rainbow Funhouse, Tanner decided he was done with the rides and he watched Hayden and Noel from the choo choo.

Hayden and Noel, however, had discovered ... THE DRAGON! Legends tells of a legendary dragon whose roller coaster skills were the stuff of legends!*** (Actually it was a itty bitty roller coaster that went in a very small circle.) Hayden LOVED it -- he would run off and get right back in line.

We found a ride that was jeeps and motorcycles -- that got a bunch of "Beep! Beep!"s out of Hayden and Noel!

We tried out the spinning bear, but it was HOT inside that big metal bear!

Hayden and Noel loved the carousel, but I wasn't allowed to touch their "horsey" because "I can do it, Mommy!" Sigh ... they are growing up waaaaay too fast.

We ended our visit with a ride on the "Flying Cars"!

***This is my lame attempt to be funny and use one of my all-time favorite quotes from "Kung Fu Panda". Check it out here!


Jessica said...

You guys are EVERYWHERE! I'm glad you had fun at the can't go wrong with a county fair!

Welcome to our life. said...

LOVE the pic of you guys on that bear. Too funny! I can't wait until our county fair this year. I hope the kids like the rides!
Great pics!