Saturday, December 13, 2008

Two Year Stats, a.k.a. We Fed Our Children Bricks

At two years old, they no longer "adjust" you. I know that sounds like something only guys do while watching football, but what that means is that doctors no longer move your age down on the scale according to how many weeks you were born premature.

So ... the boys were 2.5 months premature. That means when they were really one years old, they were really only 9.5 months old -- make sense?

But now at the magical age of two, they are considered two, not 21.5 months.

This was a little scary to me because we have always been okay on the growth curves adjusted, but we have always been a little off on the actual growth curves.

I don't think I have to worry any more.

Here are our stats for two years old ... in birth order to be fair and balanced, just like my favorite news channel. BAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Hayden -->
Weight: 30.0 pounds and in the 75% for age
Height: 35.8 inches and in the 83% for age
Overall BMI: 16.5

Tanner -->
Weight: 29.2 pounds and in the 66% for age
Height: 35.8 inches and in the 83% for age
Overall BMI: 16.1

Noel -->
Weight: 24.6 pounds and in the 12% for age
Height: 35 inches and in the 67% for age
Overall BMI: 14.1

I asked the pediatrician about the weights for Hayden and Tanner being too much, and he was very happy with where they were at. After all, they had tofu for dinner last night, so they eat very well and very healthy ... most of the time.

As for the MMR shot, yes, we did it. They told us it could take 12-14 days for a reaction if they have one -- great, two weeks of no sleep for me!


Nicole O'Dell said...

Wow! They totally caught up and are doing great!


Laney said...

Awesome stats! See, I think someday, somehow, Noel & Sophie will get together and share a common bond of being the smallest of three. :)