Monday, December 15, 2008

They Have Their Father's Eyes

Dan and I have joked around for years that we hope our kids have his teeth and my eyes.

My teeth were jacked up as a kid ... I had to have adult teeth pulled, I had to have my upper palate spilt, and I had braces for about 18 months. Dan, on the other hand, never had any orthodontic work done.

However, I have perfect vision -- no contacts or glasses. But Dan has worn glasses since he was in elementary school. And we're not talking regular old glasses, but coke bottle bottom type glasses -- he was wearing contacts when we met, thank goodness.

We had our second dentist appointment this week. Everything looked good in terms of cavities, but Noel has a slight underbite that we need to keep an eye on. If it gets worse, we'll have to start seeing an orthodontist when he is five or six. Hayden and Tanner were fine, so I guess two out of three with Dan's teeth is pretty good!

We have yearly eye check-ups, too, since the boys were premature. We haven't found any problems yet, but we thought we would see what the boys looked like with glasses, just in case.

Granted these are Mr. Potato Head glasses, but I still think they look darn tootin' cute!

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Deb said...

OMG - my kids wear their potato head glasses also!!! To funny!