Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ho Ho ... Not So Much

We tried to do pictures with Santa today at our Triplets & Quads Christmas Luncheon. Maybe it because we had skipped naptime to go … maybe it was because there were over 150 kids there … maybe it was because Tanner was just being a grump-head.

Noel LOVED Santa and kept waving hi while waiting for his turn to sit with Santa. Hayden happily told Santa he wanted a “ruck” for Christmas. Tanner wouldn’t sit on Santa’s lap and wouldn’t let go of me to get a group shot of just the boys with Santa.

There was a professional photographer taking shots, so hopefully one of those will be better than our homemade, on-the-fly pictures. (But I’m not holding my breath.)

So … here are the best of the best. Oh well … they will be great blackmail against Tanner when he is older.

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Moxie Mama said...

We completely skipped the Santa thing this year. You are officialy a better woman than me. :)