Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Clean Sweep

I nest every year.

NO -- I'm not pregnant!

I just feel the need to completely clean and purge the house to start out the new year. So, I over the past week (save the two days I spent curled up on the bathroom floor) I have gone through every cabinet, drawer, closet, nook, and cranky in this house and given it a thorough once-over.

I really don't throw out or donate that much stuff -- it's mostly just organizing. And WOW -- do I feel so good once it is all done! I mean, I know I'm OCD, but doesn't everyone like a clean and organized house?

I so wish I had thought to take "before" and "after" pictures. I swear, people would want to hire me if they saw what I can do with a overflowing sock drawer!

The two places I didn't touch are the basement and the garage ... those are Dan's domains. I did clean out the freezer and refrigerator in the garage, but the rest is still a big ole mess. He's "getting to it", as he told me last night. We then both laughed hysterically.

We are working together to get our basement storage all set up. Dan is building me a clothes storage closet for the boys future clothes, and I am creating a bin system to store all of our other stuff.

You know, bin system -- a bin for everything and everything in it's bin.

What? You don't have a bin for every holiday? Where do you store your St. Patty's Day items?

See, I told you people would want to hire me.

We have set a time line to have the basement storage done by April 1st. I'd like it to be done by, oh, I don't know, tomorrow ... but realistically, with Dan's travel and the fact that we only have about 3-4 hours free each weekend to work on it, we are shooting for completion in 3 months.

I will be sure to post pictures then!

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Jessica said...

I have been doing the same thing! I am a bin person as well but I am sure not as organized as you! How much do you charge?