Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Turkey Day Cookie

We are very blessed and lucky to have an exceptional Nanny who takes care of our boys during the day while Dan and I work.

Today it was rainy and yucky out -- plus were were expecting a visit from our Help Me Grow people -- so a special Thanksgiving day activity was enjoyed by the boys with the help of our Nanny.

The boys made turkey cookies!

It was a simple recipe I had seen in the coupons insert of Sundays paper -- I picked up the ingredients Monday, and when I came home Tuesday afternoon, the boys had made special treats for all of us!

Noel helped make sure all the cookies were carefully put on the baking sheet!

Then they got down to decorating ...

Noel was very precise in his placement of the "feathers" and his turkey turned out very cute!

Tanner actually participated -- which is great since he normally just doesn't have time for tasks that don't involved buttons. He'd never admit it, but I think he really enjoyed creating his turkey!

Hayden obviously got Dan's awesome "baking cookie" genes -- he rocked it, and even made the turkey have a smiley face on his second attempt after the unfortunate blob face cookie incident!

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Jessica said...

Awwhhh! I bet they loved that. Our poor nanny is soooo bored I'm sure...I've been bringing crafts home everyday.