Saturday, November 21, 2009

Date Day!

I have said this over and over again, but I think one of the hardest thing about having triplets is making sure each boy gets enough one-on-one time with us.

Since the boys are older now and I think they are starting to really show signs that they want more Mommy or Daddy time, we are starting to take the boys out more on "dates".

Today, Noel went with Neena to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra's Lollipop Concert. He had a great time! Since my Mom is friends with some people in the orchestra, Noel got to go on stage after the show and stand on the conductor's podium and see some of the concert props up close and personal.

Dan took Tanner to the Cincinnati Museum Center and then to Eden Park to look at the views of the city. This was heaven for Tanner as the Museum Center has button to press all over it! It was all he talked about that evening -- "Mommy! I pressed the buttons at the museum!".

Dan was without his camera, so sorry, no pictures to post for you all.

I took Hayden to a new place we haven't been to yet called EnterTRAINment Junction. If you didn't figure it out, it is a place for kids to play and learn about trains. Hayden loved it.

The best part was that they have a annual pass that is FREE for kids under the age of 3 -- I got one for each boy while Hayden and I were there. And even though they turn three in only two weeks, the pass is still good for a year! YEAH for free!! It's is kinda pricey for adults, but I figure since the boys are free, if I can find a coupon for us adults, we are set for a fun adventure some cold or rainy day next year!

Our next date day is set for January -- Neena is taking Hayden to a different Lollipop Concert. I'm not sure what we will do with Tanner and Noel, but I know it will be just as fun and special as today was!

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