Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Parking on the Dance Floor, Mi Amigos!

Let's have some fun, kids!

Go out and look at the first digit of the VIN on your car.

You might be surprised to find your "foreign" car is American-made and your "American" car is foreign-made.

If the first digit is a 1, 4 or 5, congrats ... you have a mostly American car! (Like 9 out of 10 Honda Accords or Toyota Camrys)

2 = Canada (new Camaro)

3 = Mexico (Ford Fusion, Chevy & Dodge Trucks, VW Golf)

6 = Australia (Pontiac GTO;G8)

K = Korea (Chevy Aveo)

S = England (Honda CRVs)

W = Germany (Cadillac Catera, Mini Cooper)

T = Hungary (Audi TT)

Y= Sweden (Saab)

J = Japan (just 'bout everything)

Boy, was a friend of mine mad when he found out his Lincoln Zepyr was made in Mexico!

Every day I hear people complaining that Americans are sending their hard earned money to Japan (or whichever country) when they buy a "foreign-made" car, yet the "American-made" car isn't truly American-made anymore.

GM, Ford, etc. are trying desperately to get us to buy new cars, specifically their new cars. But, if very few of their cars are truly American-made, why would we buy a new car from a company that has proven it cannot stay in business without: 1) using other country's parts, factories, and workers; and 2) crap loads of money from our government that they already claim was not enough?

GM, Ford, etc chose to move parts of their operations out of America and lay off American workers in the process, so I don't get how they can defend themselves as an American-made car.

Lesson learned? Just because the company started out here, doesn’t mean all the cars are still made here.

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