Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm King of the World

Tanner is an enigma to me sometimes. He can be very melancholy the one moment, and screaming and crying the next moment.

At first this worried me -- all the "scary" words started pouring through my brain ... Autism, Sensory Disorder, Playground Meanie.

But then I rationalized that Tanner is very smart. SCARY smart.

I don't know many other two-year olds that can name animals the way this kid can ... seriously. I shake my head in amazement every time he starts rattling off the animals of Australia alone ... "Wombat! Kangaroo! Koala! Lizard! Sea Horse! Whale! Nemo!"

Not to mention the fact that he figured out our "child-proof" locks within two weeks of us installing them ... or that he can turn on/off every light switch in the house ... or that he can count out all of the green beans on his plate up to ten ... or that he can zipper himself into his crib tent ... or that he grabs a good book to take with him while he gets his poopy diaper changed ... or that he can undo himself from his carseat ...

Honestly, I think Tanner just gets exasperated when he can't make things DO what he knows they should do.

It must be frustrating to be king of the universe when you’re two because nobody listens the way you want them to and nothing works the way it should.

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