Friday, February 13, 2009


Another plane crash ... it's so sad and devastating. My thoughts and prayers are with those families.

Now, I hate to say it, but I was kinda waiting for it.

Why? Because as a pilot's daughter, we all know these things come in threes. First, the water ditch on the Hudson ... now the crash in Buffalo. Tragically, I'm waiting anxiously for the third crash to happen before Dan goes on a business trip next week.

I don't really consider myself a superstitious person ... check out one of our cats:

As my husband says, "When a black cat crosses your path, kick it." (But I think he is more superstitious than me ...)

But I do some strange stuff in the hopes to avoid the wrath of Khan (or whatever is the root of all evil).

For example, I always throw spilled salt over my left shoulder ... I still hold my breath when traveling past a graveyard ... I have not one, but TWO golden crickets by my fireplace ... I never pick up a penny if it is tails up ... and I never, ever rock an empty rocking chair!

I was told once that being superstitious is just an extension of having OCD. Well, considering this picture really, really does bother me, I'm definitely OCD! So, by default, I guess I'm superstitious, too.

Happy Friday the 13th, Everyone!


Welcome to our life. said...

Girl, you'd better bite your tounge about the next plane crash. We leave for AZ in a week! I'm terrified to fly as it is.

Stephanie said...

That picture is so driving me nuts too!! UGH! ;-)