Monday, February 2, 2009

Prayers for Brady

I hope many of you who visit here take a moment to visit a new blog site I have listed called "Steps for Brady".

It is a site about a fellow triplet mom's little boy, Brady, who at 21 months old was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a serious form of cancer.

Her blog speaks to the courage and conviction of this mother of four children under the age of two, the miracles of God's plan in our lives, and the need to live every day of our lives like it is the last.

I ask for your prayers for this family ... for Megan and Matt to be strong in their faith and resolve for their son ... for Cara and Eli who miss their "third half" ... for little baby Allison who completes Megan's heart.

And I ask you to lift little Brady up in prayer ... to ease his pain, to give him comfort, to heal him. May he be a living testimony to God's loving miracles. Our hopes and prayers are with him.

To Megan and Matt -- We are unified in our hope for Brady, and ask God for courage for your whole family, whose faith is unshakable and firm. We ask for blessings on Brady's doctors and nurses, who are caring for him. We pray for Brady to have strength and prosper. We humbly ask for a miracle of faith and light, of hope and new beginnings. Lord, hear the prayers for this sweet, loving child. Bless Brady and help him and his family at this time of need. May Brady be a beacon for Your love and light, and be cured of his illness.


Nicole O'Dell said...

Today is a big day for heart aches when I think of how scared they must be. Many, Many prayers!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful! I pray for Brady and the entire family every day!