Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day!

Okay, okay ... I know I complained about the snow yesterday, but I'm actually really glad Mother Nature sent us the "White Death" yesterday.

My district let non-essential workers go around 10:00am when the snow started to fall. My drive home was completely uneventful as the roads were fine. Here is a picture from our front porch -- this is what closed schools down. (snicker)

BUT ... because everyone freaked out about the snow, I got to spend the day with my boys! Sure, I worked during their nap, but before and after that ...

We got to eat a fun breakfast.

We had fun painting velvet horses with water using paint brushes.

We fished for gold fish crackers.

We baked pumpkin bread.

We went sledding outside in the snow.

Maybe it's not so bad living in an area where people don't know how to plow or drive.

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