Friday, January 15, 2010


Oh ... Target 75% Toy Clearance Sale ... How I Love Thee!!!!!

Twice a year, January and July, Target clears out their store. Everything gets marked WAY down. I have both these bi-annual sales marked on my calendar. This week has been the big sale week in January.

I've scored some good deals on clothes and shoes for the boys for next year:
12 pairs of shoes for $41.00
9 polo shirts for $11.25
15 turtlenecks for $13.50
6 pairs of sweatpants for $5.75
9 sweaters for $34.25
3 winter jackets for $15.75

But, today, TODAY was the big toy sale markdown. I am now done for birthday and Christmas this year for the boys. Plus, I picked up a bunch of great toys to use as gifts for our friend's children and for birthday parties the boys will be going to throughout this year.

How well did I do? Check it out ...

My total bill for all you see? $248.39

The regular price for everything I got? $1176.98

Being done with Christmas and birthdays for the year? Priceless.

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Laney said...

Looks like you did great! I hit 2 Targets today and I'm anxious to go through my haul to see what I'm keeping. I saw on TC you mentioned scooters - those would have been awesome but I didn't see any here!