Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Steps

As most of you know, I take my side job very seriously. (I say side job because I am a mom first -- always.) I believe strongly in what I do for the children of my city and my school district.

Every school. Every student. Every day.

Sometimes I feel like I am in a vicious cycle:

When I create a healthy menu full of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain pastas, reduced fat cheeses, turkey-based meats, and skim milk, the parents are thrilled!

The kids HATE the healthy stuff.

When the kids hate it, they don't buy the lunch.

If they don't buy the lunch, I can't keep upgrading the menu and adding healthier choices.

If I can't keep providing the healthy choices, the parents get upset.

Sigh ...

Still, this is a battle I won't give up. Things aren't going to -- and can't -- change overnight.

I think of it as baby steps ... just like with my real job as a Mom. We are taking baby steps as we move towards a huge change in our world -- toddler beds. The boys are doing what is human nature and resisting the change.

But just as the boys aren't going to stay in their cribs without their crib tents the first couple of nights, I'm not going to be able to change school lunch overnight.

But just because the process is long and difficult doesn't mean I should -- or can -- give up.

It's. Just. That. Important.

The boys need to learn how to sleep in their beds at night.

The students need to learn that healthy food can taste good.

So I'm taking baby steps ... the crib tents are down and people are starting to notice the changes in our school lunches. Check out my rockin' article in the local paper today!
CPS listens, expands lunch options

But we aren't there yet.

For the boys, there is still learning to stay in their beds at bedtime and naptime. I'm using bribery. I bought Little Tikes Roadster toddler beds. Once they stay in their current beds, they get to move into a car bed,

It looks like Tanner might be getting a car bed this week. Hayden and Noel ... not so much.

For the school lunches, I'm on the right path. It seems like I've got the kids liking the healthy changes.

And oh boy, do I have big plans in mind for the future. Hummus made for a ridiculously low price using commodity walnuts ... herb gardens grown by the students at each schools to season the vegetables ... build your own burrito, pasta, rice bowl, and baked potato bars ... sliced cucumbers with yogurt dip.

I'm up for the challenge -- I can only hope I'm given the chance to make these changes.


Jessica said...

DIBS on the cribtents! :)

Got Triplets? said...


I have BRAND NEW replacements coming in the mail. That's the best thing -- if you get a rip or a broken zipper, you can get a new one for FREE because they are covered under such a good warranty.

I should have everything ready for the next time my Mom comes over. It looks like maybe over the Valentine's Day long weekend?

Jessica said...

Hey...are you getting my emails I'm sending to you?