Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When it Snows ...

... make snow forts!

The boys are hooked on hot tea. They love to have a cup of fruit-flavored tea when someone is having a cup of coffee. It's interesting because they don't like hot chocolate -- they only want "hot tea, please"!

Hayden and Noel helped cook up a fun lunch the other day when Tanner was in preschool. They worked very hard on their "Pigs in a Blanket", and Tanner was very thankful for the yummy lunch!

We think we may have budding veterinarians in the house. All the boys love to play "doctor" with the animals at Otterville. Noel always sings and rocks his animals to sleep each night.

Tanner is definitely loving preschool! His personality has been really shining through these last months. He's even explored the ballet area at Otterville, and he loves to check himself out in the mirror before getting on the bus each morning.

Noel is a great playmate. He makes friends everywhere we go -- such a little joiner.

Noel has also enjoyed watching the Olympics, especially the ice skaters and skiers. He has taken to putting on a hat -- any hat -- and pretending to skate or ski around the house.

Hayden is about halfway there for potty training. He loves to wear his big boy pants, and will happily show you whenever you mention them. Makes for some interesting moments. :-)

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