Monday, September 7, 2009

Renaissance Festival

Today we ventured out to the Ohio Renaissance Festival. It was a little stormy in the morning, but it clear up just in time for us to have a great and adventurous day!

We got to see a pirate show, sword fighting, jousting, and magic tricks!

The boys were very excited to see all the castles!

They were treated like kings ...

... and we were followed all around the fair by people very curious about our "carriage".

We found a flag that was highly appropriate for family shield!

And one that was very appropriate for the boys, too.

We all loved watching the Mudshow!

And the maze was a huge hit -- we got lost so many times that we were glad to finally find the slide at the end of the maze!

I think the boys will LOVE going to the festival when they are a little older and can do more of the games and rides -- and Dan and I are happy to take them since they have Guinness, Harp, and Mead all on tap throughout the 30-acre fair!

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Laney said...

Your Carriage! LOL