Sunday, September 20, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge

We scored a serious Friends and Family deal at our local Great Wolf Lodge ($79/night for a KidCabin Suite) this past Saturday, so we decided to try it out.

Holy Cow, did we have a great time! I highly recommend a stay at this place if you have one around you.

I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures, but it was impossible to take a camera into the water park area and keep an eye on all three boys -- this place was HUGE!

And we went on a great weekend because it was not crowded at all. I think the longest we waited for a slide was three minutes. Most of the time we could walk right up and get on -- and with lifeguards EVERYWHERE I felt very safe and comfortable with the boys being in the water and going down the slides.

The boys seriously are such fish -- at Great Wolf they have this really cool wave pool. It goes 10 minutes waves, 5 minutes calm, 10 minutes wave, etc. A recording of wolves howling goes off right before the waves start -- we could be on the other side of the water park, the boys would hear the wolves howl, and they would scream and run over to the wave pool. Hayden loved to get knocked down by the waves while Tanner would count to three and jump over each wave.

Noel wasn't a big fan of the wave pool, but he was a pimp daddy in the hot tub. Seriously, the boy is such a flirt. He would go up to a group of girls in the hot tub and sit next to them -- just sitting there and smile at them. No wonder why our friends with little girls are worried about play dates with Noel!

Great Wolf has a nightly story time where all the kids come downstairs to the big Clocktower to watch a mini show and listen to a bedtime story. At story time, Noel left us and went over and sat next to this other group of girls and put his head down on their shoulder.

The boys also loved meeting Wiley the Wolf. This poor guy must have had fifty plus kids mauling him, but he gave every child a hug or high five and stayed around to take pictures.

We had a great time exploring the lodge -- it was really set up wonderfully to be a great family vacation place!

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