Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Snooze, You Lose

Today I booked the boys birthday party.

I know, I know -- it's still four months away! But, what can I say ... I'm a planner.

At our annual Junior League of Cincinnati Gala this past April, Dan and I bid on and won a party for 40 people at the Cincinnati Fire Museum through the silent auction. So we got a free birthday party plus a tax deduction -- not too shabby!

The only snafu is that the museum is only open from 12noon-4pm. That is smack in the middle of the boys nap time -- yikes!! But, I went ahead and booked it anyway.

What's a nap when you can participate in a "hands-on" bucket brigade, take a turn on an old style hand pumper, ring a fire bell, wail the siren, flash the lights and "drive" to a fire inside a real fire truck cab, and slide down a fire pole?

Honestly, I'm more worried that Hayden will still be saying "Fire $%^&!!!" instead of "Fire Truck!!!" than I am about a missed nap.

When I called this morning, the receptionist told me that someone already had a tentative hold on the date but had not put down a deposit yet. I was BUMMED -- I had really wanted the party to be on the Saturday before the boys birthday so we avoided the upcoming Christmas party schedule crush.

I asked if I could be put on the wait list for the date in case the people didn't put the deposit down, and the receptionist told me that if I put a deposit down now I could have that date. Woo HOO!! I whipped out my credit card so fast.

I kinda feel bad, but like the receptionist said, "You snooze, you lose."

So, now it is off to find fire truck themed birthday invites, decorations, and such!

I just know my friend, Kathy, at Busken is going to be able to do such a cool cake for me! She did our wedding cake, the boys 1st birthday Baby Einstein cake, and Dan's 40th birthday party cake.

I already snatched up a bunch of "Elmo Goes to the Fire Station" books for party gift bags -- any other ideas of what I can put in them? Maybe mini Matchbox fire trucks?

I definitely need to find fire hats for all the kids to wear!

Do you think a dalmatian pinata is overkill? (I love the fact that it talks ... hee hee.)

And moms of multiples ... this is where I really need some advice: How do I handle gifts? I know people are going to be wondering if they should bring a gift for each boy or just one gift for all three? What is the protocol? Part of me thinks that each boy has a birthday so each boy should get a gift, but then I think, "Three gifts! Holy cow, that's a lot to ask of people!"

And a question to all moms ... I know birthday party standards are that the child can invite as many friends as years he is old. That would mean each boy can invite three friends ... that is nine kids right there for a total of twelve kids at the party. Doesn't that seem like too many?

What if the party is for close friends (and their children, of course) and family, and I have a separate birthday thing for the boys at their preschool, too, just for those kids? After all, there are only twelve kids in their preschool class, and they are three of that twelve! (Personally, I find it hilarious that they make up 1/4th of their preschool class!)

Ugh ... I might be an excellent planner, but I'm also a very good worrier!


Debbie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. At our 1 year party, our invites said "gifts were not necessary but if they really wanted to buy something, please just get one thing that all three can share." Most still brought three presents, but it gave them an excuse if they needed one.

Laney said...

If I was going to a birthday party for multiples, I would bring three gifts. If they were younger, like maybe 4 and under (?), I might get one big gift that they can share - like a tent or a game, etc. But especially as they get older, I would feel the need to recognize that they are three individuals who share a birthday. But I do have sympathy for friends and the expense that it is to buy three gifts at once instead of spread through the year, as with singleton sibs. So I truly wouldn't be offended if someone just brought one gift for my kids to share (I mean, they share all toys anyway). Have you searched the TC archives for this? I have found lots of different options regarding this, but I feel like I'm typing too much here already!

Moxie Mama said...

How fun! Wonderful theme for a party. :) At Sam and Jane's 3rd b-day in March we told folks that presents were not necessary ("your presence is the best present") but if they really felt they needed to come in-hand with something we would prefer books. Many of our friends are parents of multiples so we made sure we let everyone know that each of their kids did not need to get *each* of our kids a gift. Make sense? It worked out great. Hope all is well. :)