Tuesday, August 18, 2009

He'll Go Stag

Dan and I "teach" Sunday School every third week at our church. I say "teach" because we are currently in the toddler room where all we really teach is God doesn't like it when you eat the crayons.

Anyway, this past weekend we had our pastor's granddaughter in the toddler room with us. "This little girl is so quiet, so gentle, and so well behaved", I thought to myself as I watched my boys throw puzzle pieces across the room while screaming "Elephant has a LONG nose!" at the top of their lungs.

We had an extra large class with 14 toddlers. We tried to make sure our boys were entertained, so we could pay attention to the needs of the other children since we are not as familiar with their cues and signals.

A sure way to entertain Hayden for a long period of time is to give him a fire truck. So, on this busy Sunday School day, I gave Hayden his favorite fire truck to play with while I went and played dolls with the girls.

Foreshadowing: While Hayden is an excellent talker, he is having trouble with his "tr" sounds, especially when it is a two syllable phrase.

Near the end of the class, our pastor's wife walked into check on their dear, sweet, innocent granddaughter. Ironically, it was the exact same time that Hayden choose to scream out, "FIRE TRUCK!"

Only he didn't say truck ...

He said the mother of all swear words ... and very loudly at that.

Thankfully, everyone just kinda ignored it and went about their business.

Hayden really doesn't know it's a bad word ... he just really likes to talk about trucks.

"Big truck coming!"

"Get the truck out!"

"Big truck ... no honk!"

I actually have him on video saying all these phrases -- I'm looking forward to threatening to showing it to his prom date as blackmail.

One thing I am very sure of ... our pastor's granddaughter won't be his prom date.

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Debbie said...

Oh my gosh - that is hysterical! LOL