Monday, June 22, 2009

Water Park!

Our little water sprites love to visit our local park district's water spray park.

We love it, too -- for only $5 for all three kiddos, they get to play in a fenced in park area that has lifeguards stationed everywhere.

Here is Tanner with the turtle!

Hayden loved standing under the mushroom shower!

Tanner must have gone down the slide at least twenty times!

Noel was not as enthusastic about the water park and stuck by Daddy's side!

But he did get up on the turtle with Daddy's help and Hayden's encouragement!

Tanner kept trying to figure out how the water was coming up through the holes!

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Jessica said...

That looks so fun! We have something similar here. We'll have to go soon. The boys LOVED the sprinkler in the back yard!