Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dentist Appointment

We had our dentist appointment yesterday!

We've been going to Dr. John since our 1st birthday. They recommend that preemies starting seeing a dentist earlier than most children since they can sometimes have enamel issues. So, we went at one year old and had such a great check-up that we didn't need to see him again until we were two. Now we see him every six months to get our teeth counted, cleaned, and checked.

We had another GREAT visit. The boys are so well behaved and act like such brave, big boys! They make me so proud!

Also, we have no cavities!

And we also found out that Hayden and Tanner have all of their baby teeth in! Noel only needs to get one more three year molar in and he is done, too! Can I get a "Woo Hoo" to almost being done with teething?

The only bad news we got was information we already knew. Noel's cross bite is still there and his upper jaw is really narrow, so as soon as his six year molars come in, he will be fitted with an orthodontic appliance to split his upper palate and help make room for all of his teeth.

It sounds painful ... and it is. I know as I had to have one, too, as a child. But, it saved me from having years of braces and other orthodontic work later. So, I know it will be hard, but it will be the best long-term option for Noel.

Tanner might have to have one, too, but it is more of a wait and watch with him as his bite is fine ... his jaw is just a little narrow.

Hayden's got a big mouth and a perfect bite -- so he is in the clear for now.

We celebrated our awesome dentist visit by going to breakfast at McDonald's Playland and then onto the local water park! It was a great day!!!

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Jaime said...

I had no idea about needing to take preemies to the dentist so early. My trio turn 1 on Thursday but one doesn't even have any teeth yet!