Monday, April 6, 2009

Our Second Zoo Class

So what if it was only slightly above freezing and snowing outside ... in APRIL!!!!

We had our second "Zoo Class" Tuesday. As you remember, our first class was last month and focused on 'Creature Features'. We learned what body parts we have in common with the Zoo animals -- Noses, Feet, Eyes!

Today was 'Color Quest".

Even though there was a little dusting of snow on the ground, bright, vibrant flowers were blooming, green leaves and grass are all around. It's not called the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens for nothing!

I think spring is a great time to learn about colors! We took a stroll through the zoo, looked closely, and let nature help us to learn our colors. The boys had little color squares that we used to find those colors around the zoo.

I didn't get many pictures because it was pretty cold and snowing, so our stroll was pretty quick.

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