Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Warning: Picture Overload

First Up ... Let's time travel back to Easter.

We visited the Easter bunny in the park:

We hunted for Easter eggs at our house:

We hunted for Easter baskets and presents in our basement:

Then we did the March of Dimes Walk where we were a Top Walker again:

We saw Elmo Live (Mommy won free tickets!):

We got to ride on a bulldozer when our retaining wall got fixed:

Neena and G-Dad got us a PowerWheels four-wheeler and jeep:

We went to one of our favorite places multiple times to see our diver friends at the aquarium:

We played pretend at Otterville and learned new tricks at the park on a hot spring day:

We went to Coney Island with our new summer passes and rode the airplanes, helicopters, and other rides:

We got to see a fire truck up close:

We went to JumpZone and bounced and went on the slides over and over and over again:

According to Noel, we got "too much water" after one spring storm:

And Tanner learned the simple joy of splashing in a puddle:

We had a big picnic on our porch on Memorial Day:

We've been encouraging each other on the potty:

And making train tracks, going to story time, and growing grass caterpillars:

All this work made us want a snack:

Or Pancakes in the Park (go, Daddy!!):

But all these adventures really made us sleepy:

Can you believe we are three and a half already? (Mommy says she can't):

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