Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch ... Take Two!

The boys asked to go back to "the park with the pumpkins" this weekend. So, Dan and I obliged and took them to a different pumpkin farm in our area called Shaw Farms. We had gone last year as well, and had a good time.

Shaw Farms is right on a major road, so we were very relieved to find that they had put up a fence between the kid's activity area and the road this year. Last year was a little stressful without that fence.

The boys had a good time exploring all the pumpkin displays and decorations. They were moving so fast it was hard to get a picture, plus it was really muddy so I was trying to grab boys before they became little mud men. Here are the best I could get.

Tanner and "the Moochie cat!"

Hayden says, "Hello, Witch! Bye, Witch -- I'm off to work!"

Noel flirting with Fred Flintstone -- who doesn't he flirt with?

Tanner hanging out of the pumpkin saying, "Cheeeeeeeeeese!"

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