Friday, January 30, 2009

Eight Babies ... And a Million Questions

Ever since "Jon & Kate plus Eight" became a television hit show I am always asked, "Do you watch that show?".

Sigh. Yes, I watch the show ...

... and wish that I was paid $65,000 per episode
... and want to be given free trips to Hawaii, San Diego, Outer Banks, and Walt Disney Word
... and would love to be able to buy a new $1.6 million house
... and think it would be nice to have all meals provided for my family five days a week
... and could handle being given tons of free product placement clothes, merchandise, and toys.

But I digress because I am more concerned about another question I'm sure to be asked from now on:

"Did you hear about the woman who had eight babies?"

Sigh. Yes, I heard about her ...

... and am glad the babies are healthy, because that is not usually the outcome
... and am happy she is healthy, because that would have been a huge concern
... and am amazed that she already has six kids, because 14 kids seems like a lot
... and am puzzled that she is single and lives with her parents, because that does not seem like the optimal situation to bring eight more children into
... and am concerned that the news story is going to make more people think that having octuplets is fun
... and am certain that more people will think those who use fertility medications are crazy people who will do anything to have kids
... and am waiting for her to come out of hiding and start collecting all the freebies.

Russian Roulette is dangerous game to play, especially with a high order multiples pregnancy. I'm hoping this new mother of now 14 has dogged a bullet.

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Tanna's Triplets said...

OMG I was thinking the EXACT same thing and it has already started.